• Facilities Department 
    The Facilities Services Department supports the District to ensure that instructional facilities are conducive to learning and are properly maintained. The Facilities Services Department continues to work to direct our resources to remove facilities related issues from the focus of instructional personnel. We remain steadfast in seeking out methods that will not only improve the delivery of construction and maintenance services to the district but also deliver these services in a cost effective and efficient manner. As we complete capital and maintenance projects we work to strengthen our efforts on maintaining and maximizing the useful life of our capital assets. The focus of all of our labors remains on establishing and maintaining excellence in our facilities.

    The following represents the organizational structure of the Facilities Services Department.

    Facilities Services Executive Director is responsible for the departments of Capital Improvement & Construction Management, Operations & Maintenance, General Services, and Administration & Management.

    Facilities Capital Improvement and Construction Management Department handles capital improvements including, special construction programs, as well as school renovation projects and facilities planning.

    Facilities Maintenance and Operations Department is primarily responsible for the overall operating condition of the physical plant including custodial services. The SRT Maintenance and Operations Managers are the primary points of contact and assign appropriate resources to maintain schools and facilities within the respective SRT’s.

    Facilities General Services Department is responsible for HVAC, lawn services, integrated pest management, refuse collection, surplus furniture removal, special event set-up, and roof maintenance. The SRT Maintenance & Operations Managers are the primary contacts and secure the support needed from the General Services Department.

    Facilities Administration and Management Department includes Property Management, Procurement/Contract Administration, Internal Finance and Energy and Environmental Management, as well as Special Projects.