• Mathematics & Science –

    Building World-Class, Lifelong Learning and Developing Futures

    Under its Mathematics and Science Initiative, Atlanta Public Schools is transforming its curricula. The district is implementing instructional foundational tools and resources to support the full rollout of the Mathematics and Science Initiative strategic plan. Key to that plan is hiring top-notched math and science educators and private-industry experts who value their craft. See below for more information about the Mathematics and Science Initiative and the school district’s partnership with General Electric.

    1. What exactly is the Math and Science Initiative?

      APS is aligning with the GE Foundation to ensure that K-12 students acquire math and science skills needed for life, college and the global marketplace.

    2. Why is GE involved?

      Stiffer job competition is a growing reality, not just in the United States, but worldwide. More jobs require math and science know-how. GE, like APS, wants students – future employees – to meet the demand.

    3. Why is this effort coming now?

      • Recent international studies suggest that most students from other industrialized nations outperform U.S. students in math and science.
      • Only 67 percent of American students graduate from high school on time. Only 18 percent graduate from college.
      • At least 90 percent of the country’s hottest jobs require a post-secondary education.

    4. How will the initiative work?

      GE's $22 million Developing Futures grant rolls out over five years. A local GE manager and APS will monitor the process each quarter. The American Institutes for Research, one of the world’s largest behavioral and social science research organizations, also will evaluate the program and track students’ success. Instructional coaches will support math and science teachers. Plus, GE senior executives and employees will mentor; job shadow; and do real-life, hands-on projects with students and teachers.

    5. Who can apply to teach at APS?

      • Current math or science teachers
      • Georgia-certified teachers who desire to teach either subject
      • Those with in-the-field expertise, such as architects, doctors, engineers, scientists and more

    6. What's the benefit for current and future APS educators?

      • Genuine opportunities to reshape how the district teaches and how students learn math and science
      • Professional development, including the following:
        • A mentoring and coaching program
        • Experiences with local universities for those professionals seeking a master’s degree in teaching
        • Online training
        • Summer academies
      • And more benefits.