Sylvan Hills Middle School 6th Grade

  •  Welcome to 6th grade at Sylvan Hills Middle School. 

    Grade Level Teachers



    Team A

    Team B

    English/Language Arts

    Ms. Campbell

    Ms. Bivins


    Ms. Polite and Ms. Rhooms

    Ms. Bailey


    Dr. Smith

    Dr. Smith

    Social Studies

    Ms. Desantis

    Ms. Desantis

    Success for All

    Ms. Franklin

    Ms. Trawick

    Sylvan Ready

    • Respectful
    • Punctual and Prepared
    • Presentable
    • Engaged

     The following systems are in place to foster success for all 6th grade students

    1. School Uniforms All 6th graders are required to wear a yellow polo shirt with khaki, black or navy blue pants Monday through Friday. When permitted, dress down days will be communicated in advance.


    1. Agenda Books/Homework Folders All 6th grade students will receive and agenda book and homework folder to record and organize homework. Please check agendas and homework folders nightly to help your student stay on track.


    1. 25 Book Campaign & Weekly Reading Logs (Reading and Writing Initiative) In support of developing stronger readers and writers, 6th graders will participate in a 25 Book Campaign that includes reading at least 25 books during the school year and submitting weekly reading/writing logs.