•  Ms. M. L. King



    Ms. M. Leigh King, Professional School Counselor


    As the school counselor I help students to:

    • Promotes positive attitudes and choices
    • Build self-confidence and self esteem
    • Helps adjust to a new school and prepare for middle school
    • Find the answers to his/her concerns
    • Develop self-awareness and to make good decisions
    • Works with individuals, groups or entire classrooms
    • Encourage better student relationships
    • Coordinates referral with outside agencies
    • Utilize testing strategies
    • Provide “preventive “ counseling


    Ms. King also had a Mentorship Program for 5th graders, Facilitate the UPS Scholars Program, Safety Patrol Squad, Kiwanis Club, work with Parents and Community Projects.



    QUOTE:  “It takes an entire village to raise a child.”

                                                                ---African Proverb