• Academy Change Application/Process

    **Click here to download a copy of the Academy Change Application.

    The academy change application is now available.  Any current Grady ninth grade student who would like to change his or her academy for the 2014-2015 school year should fill out the academy change application (including essay) and submit the application to his or her current academy leader no later than February 25, 2014.  Applications will not be accepted after this date.  

    You may download a copy of the academy change application from the link above. A link to this page has been placed on the front page of the Grady website on the list of Quick Links found on the left hand side of the page. You will also find information regarding the academies on the Grady website (click “Academies” link at the top left).

    As students consider changing academies they should keep the following in mind:
    • All four academies offer the same core (English, math, science, social studies) and foreign language classes.
    • The difference in the academies’ curricula lies in the theme-based electives and pathway requirements.
    • Students from all the academies take their core, foreign language, P.E., art, and JROTC classes together.
    • Academy changes will depend on the availability of seats in each academy.
    • Students will not be able to change their academies after the start of the tenth grade year.

    If you have questions regarding the academies or the academy change process, please contact one of the academy leaders: