• End of Pathway Assessments

    End of Pathway Assessments are national industry-developed certifications or national occupational assessments or state licensures or state issued certificates. The assessments determine the knowledge, skill and understanding gained by the student in the career pathway. The assessments also provide pathway completers the opportunity to earn certification or certificates that are recognized throughout the state and nation while still in high school.




    Who will take the exams?

    High School students who successfully complete 3 specific courses in a career pathway where an assessment has been developed and are enrolled in the last designated course in a career pathway where an assessment has been developed.

    When will the assessments be administered?

    All students meeting the requirements must be tested during the EOPA testing window for the Atlanta Public Schools CTAE Department

    Who pays  for the exams?

    There is no cost to the student.

    Why these exams administered?

    The certification will benefit the students in their pursuit of employment and/or post-secondary education. 

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