• Student Pledge

    I will be on top of my game 
    I will stand out and not just fit in 
    I will be the greatest influence 
    I will take charge of my life 
    I will go the for best and not settle for less 
    I will step up and take my throne 
    I will positively pressure my peers 
    I will leave common behind 
    I will reject commonality 
    I refuse to be ordinary 
    I refuse to be regular 
    I will distinguish myself 
    I will elevate my thinking 
    I will set the rules 
    I will recreate the norm 
    I will devastate mediocrity 
    I will not cheat 
    I will not take short cuts 
    I will make the grade 
    I will take responsibility for my actions 
    I will lead the way

    Student Creed

    As much as I attempt to calm the chaos around me called life, 
    I can't. 
    I can only control myself. 
    However, I have been told countless times that I am 
    Intelligent, courageous, strong and beautiful 
    So from this moment on, ever indelible mark I make 
    Upon myself or my community will embody a piece of me. 
    This indelible mark will embody intelligence, courageousness, 
    Strength and beauty because they are what make ME!