• Dr. Susan Crim-McClendon

    Greetings All:

    At Woodson Park Academy and in Atlanta Public Schools, our children are our greatest resource. Every student has the right to be academically successful. Every teacher has the capacity to meet the needs of every student in every classroom. In order for every child to achieve academic success at Woodson Park Academy there must be collaboration between all stakeholders: the students, the community, the parents, the teachers and the administration. 

    The focus at Woodson is excellence, academic success and the well-being of every student.  My father, Dr. Alonzo A. Crim,believed that “to empower the children least-served in urban schools we must empower the teachers”.  To ensure student success the teachers will be empowered and supported as they plan and deliver compelling lessons, provide critical feedback and support students as they reach high academic levels.


    The mighty Masai warriors greet each other by asking “How are the children?".  The traditional response is “All the children are well.”  At Woodson, we continuously ask ourselves “How are the children?” Collectively, we truthfully respond “All the children are well.” Thank you in advance for keeping the focus on the children.  They deserve excellence.





    Dr.Susan Crim-McClendon

    Woodson Park Academy