A collaborative effort exists between M. Agnes Jones and the following community organizations and businesses:


    Georgia Pacific  
    One of the most creative and quality support partnerships in Atlanta, is our partnership with the Georgia-Pacific Corporation.  The partnership is based on the belief that active involvement in M. A. Jones provides a deeper understanding of education and what is needed to make a positive difference in the lives of our students.  Through human, in-kind and financial resources, GP provides support for students, teachers and the entire school community. 

    GP Priority Programs, Projects and Activities include

    •        200+ “GP buddy” tutors/mentors
    •       Job “Shadowing Day” for career awareness
    •       Instructional support (Computer lab, a full-time technology specialist, teaching materials, lap tops for teachers,  etc.) 
    •       Outdoor Learning Center
    •       Cultural programs and study trips 
    •       Books for the Media Center
    •       Upgrading the school facility and much, much, more…
    • Truly Living Well  
    Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture (TLW) is committed to growing food, community and people. Since 2006, TLW has served the Atlanta community by using natural, GMO-free food production as a catalyst to creating jobs, healthier adults and children and building a safe inner city oasis for families and community to gather.
    Natural urban agriculture is a social design centered on natural food production in the city. This design empowers communities with food self-sufficiency, builds economic capacity, and maintains stewardship over the local environment. TLW and its founder, K.Rashid Nuri, are at the forefront of a new breed of urban farmers who are helping city planners and developers to connect the dots, bringing vital elements together to create the City of the Future. 

    M. Agnes Jones is working towards extending our current Georgia State University partnership work. The partnership work is through the federal 3STEM initiative grant where MAJ. teachers receive professional development and GSU students are engaged in STEM focused urban education student practicums, as well as take coursework on the M.A.J. school site. Currently, M.A.J. and GSU are working to secure an additional grant focused on M. Agnes Jones serving as a learning model school and training ground for STEM certification for all schools in the district and surrounding areas.  


     HATponics is wholly committed to bring the highest quality of food to the world as a partner in sustainability to commercial, governmental, and non-profit entities. Our discrete eco-systems provide opportunities to grow naturally in almost any conditions. 

    Using Aquaponics as our primary medium HATponics delivers systems to farmers globally while providing training and instruction to guarantee both longevity and profitability.

    All the members of our core have dedicated their lives to bringing sustainable agriculture to every corner of the earth and making an impact on the global food system.


    Environmental Protection Agency - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) serves to protect human health and the environment. EPA consistently provides students hands-on learning experiences by bringing fairs, campaigns and literature directly related to the school community and beyond. For instance, students have experienced manipulating model lungs to see the impact that smoking and unhealthy air have on the body. Additionally, MAJ students participated in the Air Quality Flag Program to make teachers, students and members of the community aware of the local air quality conditions and can take protective measures to reduce exposure to air pollution.

    National Park Trust  

    National Park Trust –National Park Trust is a land conservancy initiative dedicated exclusively to America’s parklands, wildlife, scenic wonders and historic monuments. MAJ students take fieldtrips to Sweetwater Creek Park to conduct research, as well as visit the Chattahoochee Nature Center, MLK Center, Stone Mountain and several other parks.  These educational fieldtrips provide students additional hands-on interactions with the various ecosystems, animal/plant habitats and industry experts.

    Parents provide on-going support and commitment to improving the quality of life for the youth of our community.  Click our Home School Connection for additional information.


    Friendship Baptist Church

    Friendship provides tutoring for students in need of extra assistance.

    Shiloh Baptist Church 

    School Supplies/After-school Program


    Dogwood City Chapter Links Incorporated