Dear Hope-Hill Family,


    As a direct result of last year's redistricting process, Hope-Hill Elementary School is now part of the complete Grady Cluster, with students matriculating to Inman Middle School and then to Grady High School.  As an earlier part of the redistricting process, Superintendent Erroll Davis had also proposed a 6th Grade Academy, but alternatively it was decided that trailers would be placed an Inman.  The trailers currently house the 7th Grade.  However, this is not a long-term solution and given the current population at Inman and it's anticipated growth, Inman can now only house two grades.

    In response, Superintendent Davis requested a Task Force be formed to address the capacity issues at Inman. The Task Force is comprised of representatives from each feeder school, as well as representatives from Inman and Grady.  The Task Force has been meeting since July 2012.


    Recently, Superintendent Davis attended the Task Force meeting on September 18th and provided much needed guidance and clarity regarding the purpose of the Task Force.  He charged the Task Force with answering two questions: 1) what will be the composition of the Academy, either a 6th Grade Academy or 8th Grade Academy; and 2) where should the Academy be located.
    Moving forward, as the Task Force discusses the merits of a 6th Grade or 8th Grade Academy, as well as the locations for the Academy, we would greatly appreciate your input in this matter.  Any suggests, concerns, comments, or responses are welcomed.  Additional information, including minutes and handouts, can be found at the Task Force Website: http://www.atlanta.k12.ga.us/Page/29002.


    Feel free to contact and respond to your Task Force Representatives:


    Priscilla Borders (email: pjborders@comcast.net)

    Felicia Wesley (email: felicia_wesley@yahoo.com)