• Students are expected to be present and arrive on time to school in accordance with the provisions of the Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law (O.C.G.A. 20-2-690.1, et seq.) and Atlanta Board of Education Policy (JB). Students who are absent or tardy miss valuable instructional time and other important school activities and are less likely to master those skills, concepts, and principles needed for success. Students who violate the attendance policy will be disciplined. Unexcused absences and/or truancy may also lead to legal action against the student and/or parents/guardians (see Student Attendance JB). The Atlanta Board of Education has developed an attendance protocol as mandated by Georgia House Bill 1190. 

    Attendance Procedures at Sutton
    Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes on time and each day. On the FIRST DAY students return to school from an absence, parents should provide the MAIN OFFICE with a handwritten and signed note indicating the date(s) of and explaining the reason for the absence(s). Students are encouraged to deliver an absence correspondence to the main office, not to the homeroom teacher. Failure to submit notes to school will result in an unexcused absence.

    The school day at both Sutton campuses begins at 9:15AM and ends at 4:05PM.

    • School opens for Walkers/Riders at 8:45 AM
    • School closes for Walkers/Riders at 4:20 PM
    For more information please visit APS Bell Schedules
    Reporting An Absence
    Parents of any Cougar who is not at school by 10:00 AM, please call the appropriate campus each day your child is absent.
    • Sixth Grade: 404-802-5650
    • Seventh- and/or Eighth-Grade: 404-802-5600 
    Parents may also email:
    Excused Absences
    Regular attendance is one of the keys to student success. Students are expected to attend school every day unless excused because of illness, death in the immediate family, special holidays, recognized religious holidays, court summons, or weather conditions that render school attendance hazardous to the health or safety of the student. Parents must send a handwritten and signed excuse for absences when the child returns to school. No absence is considered excused without a note from the parent or guardian.

    It is the student's responsibility to make up all missed work within three (3) days after an excused absence. A student must contact the teacher to obtain all assignments missed during the absence. Students who are absent for more than three days should contact the main office to make arrangements for obtaining any assignments that the student might be missing because of absence.

    Unexcused Absences
    Truancy occurs when a student misses school without parental consent and and/or an appropriate excuse. APS complies with the Georgia Compulsory Attendance Law. A truant student will be referred to the school social worker for follow up and possible court action. Teachers will not provide make-up work for unexcused absences unless the principal determines that circumstances warrant the granting of make-up privileges.

    Late Arrivals
    Students arriving after the school day starts at 9:15 a.m. must be accompanied by a parent or present a note from home stating the reason for tardiness. If the student's arrival is after the start of homeroom, the student will obtain a pass to class in the assistant principal's office. It is the responsibility of the tardy student to present one copy of the late pass to the student's homeroom teacher.

    Early Check-Outs / Dismissal

    Sutton recognizes the need to check students out of school early, as a rarity, for an excused reason. However, we strongly discourage check outs as it interrupts the instructional environment of all students in the classroom and your child will miss important information. Please limit check outs and when possible schedule appointments for the morning so your child arrives late to school rather than leaving early.

    When early dismissal is necessary and to minimize interruption of instructional time, parents are required to submit a written request stating the reason, a contact phone number, the date and time for the dismissal. The student will submit the request to the main office for verification and approval during the homeroom period. This procedure ensures that teachers know the reason for the student's missing class. The student reports to the office at the scheduled time of dismissal. Students will not be called to the office. Adults must present a form of identification to the front desk when picking a student up for early dismissal. 

    There are absolutely no check outs after 3:00 pm.

    All check outs are coded as an UNEXCUSED CLASS ABSENCE until appropriate documents are submitted that confirm an excused reason for leaving early.

    Students may not check out early for the purpose of avoiding our carpool line.

    If your student is in the cafeteria when you arrive to check her/him out, you will have to wait until the class arrives back into the classroom until we send for her/him.  We will not call into the cafeteria for students to check out. Please know what time your child eats lunch daily to avoid a long wait.

    Thank you for your attention to this and assuring that your child is in school every day, all day to optimize their learning experience at Sutton Middle School.