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    Name: Audrey Waters-Potter
    Phone number: 404-802-4912

    Ms. Waters

    I am Audrey Potter, dance instructor at Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Middle and High Schools. Although I have performed and taught dance for over 15 years, this is my 6th year as the dance teacher at CSKYWLA. Dance is my passion. I was introduced to it during my freshman year of high school. As a teenager, it provided me with structure, confidence, and discipline, and it gave me a positive outlet for self expression. Currently, my pass ion for dance is more centered around providing young women with knowledge and experiences that will bless their lives in the same awesome way it has blessed mine.

    I am a graduate of Spelman College having obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history. I've taught with Dance Olympus, Inc., Black College Dance Exchange, Walt Disney World Entertainment and National Black Arts Festival. My mission is to produce a dance program that greatly inspires and benefits not only the girls of CSKYWLA, but the surrounding community, as well.

    Favorite Quote: "Study, drill, and technique don't stifle talent, they free it."