Grady Attendance Office

    The Atlanta Board of Education recognizes that daily attendance at school is required for student success. In accordance with the provisions of state board rule 160-5-1-.10, Student Attendance, the Atlanta Board of Education defines acceptable excuses for being absent from school as:

    • Personal illness of the student and/or a situation in which attendance in school would endanger the health of the student or the health of others.
    • Serious illness or death in the immediate family of the student that would reasonably necessitate absence from school.
    • Special and recognized religious holidays observed by the faith of the student that necessitate absence from school.
    • Mandates by the school or other governmental agencies, such as pre-induction physical examination for service in the armed forces, a court order or out-of-school suspension.
    • Conditions rendering school attendance impossible or hazardous to student health or safety.
    • Voter registration or voting in a public election, not to exceed one (1) day per school year.
    • Five (5) days or fewer per school year for a child of a military or National Guard parent who is called to duty in a combat zone or combat-supporting post or for a student whose parent is on leave from such an assignment.

    Upon return to school from any absence, the student shall bring to the school a note, signed by the parent/legal guardian, stating the reason for the absence.

    A student who serves as a Page of the Georgia General Assembly shall be credited as present by the school for days missed for this purpose.

    A student who attends court proceedings related to his or her foster care shall be credited as present by the school for days missed for this purpose.