• The Atlanta Public Schools liaisons serve as a link between the schools and parents. Their key responsibilities include conducting workshops, sharing news on district initiatives and developing strategies for increasing parental involvement in APS activities. The liaisons work closely with schools to develop community partnerships that enhance the learning environment and ensure federal compliance with each school’s parent involvement policy.


    What is the Parent Resource Center?


    The Parent Resource Center in H.A.M.S exists to provide parents with information, promote positive partnerships between parents and educators, to support and meet their child’s learning needs. The needs include, but are not limited to, academic, social emotional, developmental and functional skills; H.A.M.S Parent Resource Center also works to inform and educate siblings, grandparents, and friends, about special education – what it means and how services are provided to children. We want families to have the tools they need to fully participate and collaborate with school staff during each step of the special education process – from the initial referral, to their role in the development of the individualized Education Program.


    Open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Located across from the Main Gym, Room 3179


    The goal for the center is for all H.A.M.S families to understand the important role they play in our student’s educational team. We encourage parental participation in the educational decision making process as we are committed to the belief that parents are more effective when they participate and are educated about the process. The partnership we can establish, will exemplify the effectiveness parents and staff will experience when working closely together and focusing on students’academic achievement.


    • To accomplish H.A.M.S’ mission we offer a variety of services at no cost to families; a lending library of books, articles, subject based information and parenting topics, training through workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics Mrs. Phillips can meet individually with parents whose children are experiencing difficulty at school, home, or in the community to explore and consider a wide range of options. All materials are in both English and Spanish to ensure that all parents are informed.

    Note: “Research indicates that one of the strongest indicators of a child’s success at school is parental involvement.”