• The Enrichment Team
    February News. The Enrichment Team is eagerly preparing for the annual Black History program which will be held on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, in the multi-purpose building at 9:00 am. The theme for this year's program is "Together In Unity".  Students will be singing various songs,  performing skits, and dance in representation of the African American culture.  Also Humphries' Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and cheerleaders will do a special presentation as well. Students are  expected to wear black, green, and red colors.  Hope to see you there!


     enrichment team
    Congratulations to our December Humphries Teaching Team of the Month -- the Enrichment Team. Thank you for teaching music, art, PE and Spanish to our students and for a stellar Winter Holiday Program!
     winter tree

    December and January News. The Enrichment Team has been preparing our Humphries Roadrunners for the annual holiday program.  This year's program theme is "The Joyous Sounds of Winter".  Students will be singing holiday songs, recitations, and performing a dance.  Parents, please allow your child to wear green and/or red with a holiday cap (for example, a Santa hat, a reindeer, a Santa's elf, etc.)  Also, a winter holiday selfie booth will be set up for students, parents, and guests to take a selfie. Participating students will receive a special treat and refreshments will be served for everyone.  Please come out on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 5:30 pm in the multipurpose building to help celebrate and enjoy these wonderful festivities.  See you then!


    November News The Enrichment Team is steadily enhancing and nurturing our Humphries Roadrunners in the areas of Music, Art, Spanish, and Physical Education as the year moves progressively forward.  In Music, our students are preparing for the Winter Holiday Program as they play rhythm/melodic pattern in a group formation.  Students continue to appreciate Art by understanding and applying techniques and processes with the use of primary and secondary colors.  Students continue to exchange simple spoken and written information, and expressing dialogue with the use of the Spanish language.  In Physical Education, students are applying basic golf concepts as they are learning proper form of rolling a ball and putting a ball to a target.  Great job Humphries Roadrunners as we continue to meet the needs of all students!



    October News The Enrichment Team is in preparation for the Hispanic Celebration which will be held on Monday, October 3, 2016 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am in the multi-purpose building.  All Humphries Roadrunners will be engage in song, dance, and recitation as we acknowledge and celebrate the Hispanic culture.  Students will have the opportunity to recite the pledge in Spanish, perform the Mexican Hat Dance as well as the Macarena.  They will also sing a beautiful song titled "De Colores” in Spanish, and have a guest cellist to perform various songs with a Spanish flare.  We are looking forward for you to come and help us celebrate, recognize, and appreciate the Hispanic culture.  See you there!



    September News Humphries' Enrichment Team, which consists of Spanish, Art, Music, and Physical Education classes is off to a roaring start!  Enrichment teachers meet with all grade levels, Pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade on a weekly basis.  Our classes began with establishing classroom expectations, consequences, and rewards.  During the month of September, classes are focusing on the following learning task :  in Spanish, students are sequencing information such as the alphabets, numbers, etc. utilizing the target language; in Art, students are analyzing relationships between ideas and objects; in Physical Education classes, students are defining character traits; and in Music, students are singing accompanied and unaccompanied songs as they are experiencing speech patterns.  Just a reminder to parents:  Please allow your child to wear tennis shoes during their P.E. schedule times along with shorts underneath skirts/jumpers for the girls. We are all looking forward to a wonderful, meaning, and engaging journey of learning!