Sylvan Hills Media Center

    1461 Sylvan Road Atlanta GA 30310


    404 802 6217





    Our mission is to provide instructional support and informational resources necessary to enable our students to achieve academic success which will assit them in becoming productive and responsible citizens.  We will work diligently to encourage a lifelong love of reading for both pleasure and informational literacy.


    Media Center Rules

    1.  Upon entering the Media Center, students must leave book bags, purses and other items by the lockers.  Boys will place items to the left, girls to the right.

    2.  Students will sign in at the Circulation Desk if coming on a pass.

    3.  Work quietly and do not disturb others who are working or studying.

    4.  Get permission first from Media Center staff before using the computers.

    5.  No eating, drinking, cell phone use, music, or game playing allowed in the Media Center.



    Checkout Procedures

    1.  Students may check out one book at a time for a period of two weeks.

    2.  You may renew a book if you are not finished at the end of two weeks.

    3. Overdue notices will be given to students notifying them of late books.

    4. Students cannot checkout books if they have any overdue books.  

    5.  A fine will be assessed for lost or damaged books.  Note that media center records continue to high school.


    Use of Technology

    When using the Internet, obey the APS Acceptable Use Policy as indicated in the APS student handbook.  Students who violate the rules will lose their computer privileges.  Computer games, personal e-mail, online shopping, and social media sites are prohibited.