• White-Martin

    My Educational Philosophy


    Children are seeds of knowledge.  We, as educators, must plant, nuture, and cultivate them that they thrive and become the evergreens of literacy, mathematics, science, technology, and the arts.


    Education is the integral pulse of knowledge which begins at the early stages of child development and continues as a life-time journey.  Education leads its learners on a path of open roadways and new ventures with the mission and challenge to improve the nature and character of our society.


    I believe in the expectations that students eagerly enter learning environments with tools of acceptable conduct and behaviors, necessary instructional materials, the mind-set of success, and demonstrate thorough diligence to complete tasks as they receive and process information.  I believe students need mentors and teachers who are able to see potential in their abilities then, motivate, encourage, and challenge them that they may reach their peaks. 


     As an educator, my goal is to address the needs, potentials, and interests of all students that they may gain meaningful experiences.  I turn the key that unlocks the rich learning environment that inspires students to achieve goals and develop positive roles that they become leaders that others may follow.  I am responsible to deliver concepts, skills, and theories that allow students to discover methods of useful applications for each common situation. 


    I also believe the community is the bedrock for the structure of the educational process that supports the role of teachers, sustains neighborhoods, and embraces civic organizations.  As members of the community, I believe educators should respond to matters that may impact the quality of education, public service, representation, and safety in the community and, set trends that maintain the growth and development of residents and learners of all ages, therein. 



    Willie White-Martin, Ed.D.



    Cascade Elementary School

    2326 Venetian Drive, SW

    Atlanta, GA  30311


    Howard University, Washington, D.C.; B.A.; Journalism

    Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA; M.A.; Exceptional Children’s Education

    Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA; Ed.D.; Educational Leadership & Supervision