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    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year in Gifted and Talented Education!  

    We eagerly await the opportunity to serve the students of Atlanta Public Schools.  Our office aims to serve the gifted and talented identified students of APS as well as collaborate with teachers throughout the district to raise the achievement of all students.
    The Office of Gifted and Talented Education in the Atlanta Public School System will be the architects of globally competitive, critical, and creative thinkers of the 21st century.  We will create programming designed to ensure the continuous development of advanced learners throughout their educational career. Gifted and Talented education will provide appropriate differentiated instruction for gifted learners which will enable them to reach their maximum potential.
    The Office of Gifted and Talented Education will provide learning environments which foster personal and social responsibility, multi-cultural competence, and technical communication skills for citizenship in the global environment of the 21st Century.  We will design and deliver rigorous and relevant curriculum to students in grades K-12 to address their academic and intellectual needs. Our mission is not limited to those identified as gifted and talented, rather it encompasses all learners in the Atlanta Public School System as we create opportunities that expose all learners to gifted pedagogy.