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    Tommy Clay working with Ms. Bolden and her 3rd grade class on the Habitats of Georgia and the organisms that live in them. He used iPads with the students were to identify the plants and animals of the different regions as well as explain the features of the regions that allows the plants and animals to live and thrive.  Students were able to compile their information and images to create a digital book that was then published to web for others to see and read.
    Best Academy High School  
    Students at B.E.S.T. Academy High School are going "paperless" in  Dr. Bowers' Accelerated Math III class. Recently, Shannon Council worked with students to complete a task on statistics and probability using M&Ms. They created a QR code for students to access the task and they completed it using the Goodreader app on their assigned iPads. We have created a system for taking notes, completing assignments, grading assignments, and archiving work all on the iPad that is incorporated daily. 
    Why watch someone else's podcast when you can create your own? In Ms. Rose's class, students at DM Therrell High School STEMS created their own podcasts for their Economics. With the help of Katrina Stanfield, students researched, planned, created, and recorded their own podcasts using iPod Nanos. The podcasts were awesome resources for the students to use in class, and to  help them study for the Economics End of Course Tests. 
    Economics Podcasts  


    E.L. Connally Elementary Third Graders at the Outdoor Activity Center



    Third grade students at E.L. Connally Elementary School explored the Outdoor Activity Center.  Their teachers, Mrs. Collins, Mr. Trofort and Mr. Smith along with the Educational Technology Specialist, Mrs. Hodo took them to explore an urban forest in the heart of Southwest Atlanta. The students were ready for their adventure.  They had their questions and iPads ready for the outing.



    The teachers and students were led into the urban forest by Outdoor Activity Center staff, Mr. Haddock and Ms. Blyters. The teachers and students learned about beech trees that were prevalent in the area near their school over one hundred years ago.  The group learned Beecher Road gets its name from the beech trees that populated the area.   Students took pictures of a beech tree and other vegetation in the forest with their iPads.  Ms. Blythers showed the group a Meyer lemon tree, an ornamental fruit tree.



    After the outdoor adventure, students are in the process of making informational books using digital story apps.  Students will import their pictures and videos in the digital stories and they will make the books available for lower grades to read.  This lesson integrated technology into Science, and English Language Arts. The standards addressed with this outdoor activity were: S3CS8. Students will understand important features of the process of scientific inquiry; S3L1. Students will investigate the habitats of different organisms and the dependence of organisms on their habitat; and ELACC3W2: Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly; and ELACC3W6: With guidance and support from adults, use technology to produce and publish writing (using keyboarding skills) as well as to interact and collaborate with others.

    E.L. Connally Activity  

    “Throwback Tuesdays”

    Several teachers atHumphries Elementary have graciously allowed their ETS, Ms. Drake, to engagetheir students academically using the iPad cart. The fifth grade students aresharing their academic & technology skills with the younger students atHumphries Elementary. The fifth graders are collaborating with 2nd and 3rdgrade students using iPads to understand map skills and refresh computationskills such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. Throwback Tuesdaysallows the fifth graders to show mastery of concepts learned in previous gradesby instructing other students. Up next, these upperclass technology gurus willbe showcasing their knowledge of My Backpack to younger students within thecoming months during Throwback Tuesdays!! Check them out!!

    Throwback Tuesdays

    Paving the way from School to Home UsingTechnology:

    Cool Tools for School Technology Workshop


    TheParent Liaison (Ms. Blacksher) of Gideons Elementary  &SchoolEducational Technology Specialist, Ms. Drake engaged several parents in atechnology workshop to pave the road from school to home using technology. Theparents participated in activities to “ease on down the road” connecting schoolto home using technology. The parents used iPads and smartphones to accesstheir students’ grades and other resources including Web 2.0 and Android/AppleApps to continue academic support from home. The parents were excited to gainFREE apps and websites that would allow them to assist their students withreinforcing skills taught during the school day.  Additional workshopswill be provided throughout the school year to engage students’ academicallywhile using technology at home.
    Gideons Parents