• The Cascade Elementary Math Lab is committed to providing high quality instruction for our students. It is our goal to make Mathematics engaging, rigorous and meaningful through technology embedded games and problem solving.


    • The use of Math games promotes mathematical communication, gives students motivation to participate, and is an engaging way for students to get the frequent practice required to build strong mental math skills and fact fluency.


    • We recognize problem solving as the cornerstone of Mathematics. In the Math Lab, students collaborate to solve non-routine Problem of the Month tasks. Such tasks help our students move towards “Doing Mathematics.”


    • This higher level of cognitive demand requires self-monitoring, non-algorithmic thinking, and promotes exploration of mathematical concepts.


    We continue to strive for excellence in helping our students become mathematically powerful!




    Recent Events:

    Math Lab Showcase - Our recent Math Lab Showcase provided an opportunity for Cascade to share innovative research-based strategies. Invited guests were able to see our students in action and get a glimpse of how our Math lab operates. It is our hope that we will continue to exchange ideas and foster a Professional Learning Community that ensures that ALL APS students are exposed to research based practices that will produce critical thinkers.