• Kindergarten Summer Reading List

  • Growing Vegetable Soup

    by Lois Ehlert Year Published:

    This simple book shows the steps, seeds, plants and tools for growing a vegetable garden—in preparation for making vegetable soup!

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  • If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

    by Laura Joffe Numeroff Year Published:

    Hands-down favorites with beginning readers, these buoyant tales feature delightfully adorable characters—with absolutely enormous needs!

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  • Play Ball

    by James Dean Year Published:

    To get to the Little League World Series, eleven-year-old cousins Liam and Carter must first defeat their lifelong archrivals from Southern California.

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  • The Sun

    by Franklyn Branley Year Published:

    Filled with colorful, full-page illustrations and clear, concise text, this long running series remains a benchmark for early reader nonfiction.

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