• Student Dress Code

    Students are expected to come to school daily in the designated uniform as listed below.  Both male and female students are to practice good grooming techniques at all times.









    Shirts (Collared)

    Pants / Bottoms



    6th Grade

    Yellow Only

    Khaki / Black/Navy Blue

    Black / White/ Brown

    Black / Brown

    7th Grade

    White Only

    Khaki / Black/Navy Blue

    Black / White/ Brown

    Black / Brown

    8th Grade


    Khaki / Black/Navy Blue

    Black / White/ Brown

    Black / Brown

     Students who are not in uniform will NOT be permitted to participate in any extracurricular activity or school special event.  Parents will be contacted to bring uniform pieces to school if the student arrives at school out of uniform.



    The will be occasional days throughout the year when uniforms will not be required; Parents will always be notified in advance of these days.  Unless notified otherwise, school uniforms are expected to worn daily.  


    When permitted to be out of uniform, all students will be required to adhere to the following dress code:


    Students must NOT wear the following clothing to school:

    1. Halter tops, tank tops, and / or jerseys without a sleeved shirt underneath
    2. See-through garments with holes that expose the body
    3. Skirts, shorts, and dresses with / without tights (more than 3 inches above the knee)
    4. Garments with sexually suggestive pictures, gang references, weapons and inappropriate slogans, drug & tobacco references, and / or profanity
    5. Pajamas
    6. Tight fitting body, jogging, sweat suits, leggings or Tutu’s with/without leggings
    7. Gym Shorts
    8. Hats / Caps (boys and girls)
    9. Flip-flops, Chinese slides, thong sandals, sandals without straps and / or slippers
    10. Pants / shorts that hang below the buttock

    *Parents please do not have students’ ears pierced during the school year.  Students will not be allowed to wear earrings for the sake of preserving the hole.

    1. Any garment that interferes with the instructional program


    Students found wearing clothing or headgear that violates the outlined APS/Sylvan Dress Code will face disciplinary action as outlined in the Progressive Discipline Policy.  Failure to follow the dress code is considered willful refusal to obey school rules.


    Students found wearing hats, caps, and / or earrings (male students only) will have the items confiscated by staff members.  These items will only be returned to parents / guardians.


    All students must wear their pants on his/her waist at all times.  Male students are required to wear belts and have their shirts tucked in their pants at all times.