• Coach Valerie Missick

     Coach Valerie Missick was raised in a small town in Central Pennsylvania. Her father, John Davis, is a Hall Of Fame swimming coach in central Pennsylvania. Coach Valerie began her swimming career at age 3 and started teaching swimming lessons at age 9. Coach Valerie’s father coached her until 9th grade when she attended Germantown Academy to train under the World Renowned Olympic swimming coach Richard Shoulberg. Coach Valerie continued to coach with her father during that time.

    After graduating high school she attended the University of Miami to study music and obtained a full swim scholarship. In 2001 she graduated with a music degree.

    Coach Valerie coached for several teams in South Florida before moving to Villa Rica. She currently teaches music at an all-boys school for Atlanta Public Schools. She is also co- owner of Music Speaks Words in Motion Preforming Arts School in downtown Villa Rica. In addition she coaches cross country and track & field with state qualifying athletes.

    In her free time she enjoys running, swimming, and spending time with her son Ashton and her husband Tony, who coaches professional football. ​​​​

    Stretch your imagination, dream & make it a reality.
    -Valerie Missick