Download a PDF copy of APS' Bus Guidelines


    APS provides a Bus Stop Locator to determine your bus route, number, pick up and drop off times. 

    APS publishes the bus routes before the start of school. Bus routes are updated on Friday afternoons.

    Review the Atlanta Public School (APS) Bus Stop Procedures and Bus Safety and Conduct Standards with your child.

    Drivers will report to school administration children who violate bus safety rules. Administration has the authority to suspend the student from bus transportation.

    Changes in Bus Transportation:

    You must provide written permission no later than 2 p.m. to the school secretary if your child will be:

    Riding a different bus or

    Getting off the bus at a different stop

    Late Buses:

    If you're concerned that your child’s bus is late, call the APS bus line: 404-802-5500.

    Bus Routes:

    Monitor APS bus routes.

    All bus stop changes are updated and posted by 8:00 a.m. every Friday.

    New/modified bus routes become effective Monday of each week.

    Kindergarten Bus Riders:

    Plan for an adult to be present to receive kindergarten students from the afternoon bus. If no adult is present, the drivers are instructed to return students to the school.

    For the first weeks of school put a bag tag on your children's backpacks with their bus number, bus stop location, and a contact name and number.

    APS Transporation Contacts

    For bus stop concerns, please contact our APS supervisor Ms. Sheral Mizell (404-802-5511) 


    Students who walk to school can arrive at 7:15 a.m. or after, and are dismissed at 2:30 p.m.

    If your child is walking, you are asked to line up outside the building.  The line should start at the far right set of double glass doors which are at the top of the ramp.  The line should then form down the ramp which is along the brick wall under the large white IB sign.  Please be sure you are not blocking the carpool loading area.

    Teachers will have all the walkers inside the building and will dismiss them one at a time as parents/guardians reach the top of the ramp.

    For the safety of all students, please stay outside and allow us to dismiss your child to you.  Safety comes first and your help is needed and appreciated. 


    After-School Transportation Changes

    Parents/Guardians determine at the beginning of the school year which mode of transportation the child will use to and from school. A written notice is required anytime a student’s transportation changes.

    Without a note, a student will not be allowed to alter their transportation plans. Please be aware that this is to ensure the safety of all of our students. The safety of the children is first and foremost to everyone associated with Sarah Smith Elementary.

    If your child’s plans change while your child is at school, please call the school and you will be instructed where to send an email or fax written notification.  No changes to transportation for the day will be accepted after 2 p.m.