• The use of cellular telephones and other portable communication devices (PCD) (palm pilots, two-way pagers, etc.) is a privilege extended to high school students. Students in elementary and middle school are not allowed to possess cellular telephones or other PCDs on any APS school site except for health or other unusual reasons as approved on an individual basis by the school principal and subject to regulations developed by the Superintendent. High school students on the campus of an elementary or middle school for a legitimate purpose may possess a cellular telephone or other PCDs as long as it is turned off and out of sight.

    The use of cellular telephones and/or other PCDs is extended to high school students before and after the official school day. All devices must be out of sight and turned off during the official school day and the lunch break. Students who violate this policy and the associated regulations shall be deemed to have created a disruption to the instructional environment and are subject to appropriate disciplinary action. No student shall photograph, videotape, record or reproduce, via any audio or video means, another student or staff member while on school system premises without the expressed prior permission of the student or staff member.

    Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cellular telephones and/or other PCDs. The Atlanta Board of Education shall not assume responsibility or liability for the theft, loss or damage to a cellular telephone or other PCD, nor does it assume responsibility for the unauthorized use of any device.