If a student commits one of the designated felonies, the student’s current school placement may be changed, or the student may be placed in a non-traditional program.
    The following is a list of designated felonies:
     A).  Aggravated battery
     B).  Aggravated sexual battery
     C).  Aggravated child molestation
     D).  Aggravated sodomy
     E).  Armed robbery
     F).  Attempted murder or attempted kidnapping (13 years or older)
     G).  Battery (school employee)
     H).  Carrying an explosive, firearm, or knife at a public gathering
      I).   Escapes after being found guilty of a designated felony
     J).   Hijacking a motor vehicle (13 years or older)
     K).  Illegal acts including hoax and conspiracy relating to destructive devices,
           explosives or detonators
     L).  Kidnapping (13 years or older)
    M).  Murder
    N).  Possession, manufacture, transport, sale, distribution or intent to
          distribute an explosive devise
    O).  Possession of a pistol or a revolver
    P).  Racketeering
    Q).  Rape
    R).  Robbery
    S).  Second degree arson (13 years or older)
     T).  Second or subsequent conviction of any crime relating to motor
           vehicle theft
     U).  Third offense of any act which if committed by an adult would be a felony
     V).  Trafficking in cocaine, illegal drugs, marijuana, or methamphetamine
    W).  Voluntary manslaughter