Students must present the following documents at the time of school enrollment:
    •   Georgia Certificate of Immunization (Form 3231) or Affidavit affirming
        that immunization requirements conflict with parents' religious beliefs
              •   Children entering grades K-12 for the first time must show proof of
                  vaccination or immunity to varicella
    •   Children entering the 6th grade are required to show proof of
        vaccination or immunity to varicella and proof of a second dose
        of the vaccine that includes measles (usually in the form of MMR)
    •   Hepatitis B vaccine is now required for all new students enrolling in
        school at any age
    •   Eye, Ear and Dental Certificate Requirements All new students
        must have a completed certificate of ear, eye and dental
        examination (Form 3300) at the time of enrollment.
    •   A 30-day waiver may be granted for new students from out-of-state
        to obtain this information.