•  All schools in the Atlanta Public School System meet and comply with the mandate of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, and other local, city and state governance which recognize the individual's right to privacy and prohibit the release of student information to any unauthorized entity. Copies of student records may be obtained only through the submission of appropriate written application, with the  approval of a parent or guardian. A student must be of legal age (18) to access his or her personal records. Parents and students have the right to inspect such records and results of any standardized testing which might have been given.
    Under the Atlanta Board of Education policy, the following student information may be released without prior parental permission:

    Student’s name, address, telephone listing, and e-mail address

    Student’s birth date and place of birth

    Student’s grade level and major field of study

    Dates of student’s attendance in APS

    Honors and awards received by student while enrolled in APS

    The most recent educational agency or institution attended

    Student’s participation in officially recognized activities and sports

    Student’s weight and height if he/she is a member of an athletic team

    Any parent/guardian or student who has attained the age of 18 has a right to review school records. To look at your child’s or your school records, you must give the principal a written request listing the records that you want to see. The principal or Records Center Manager must allow you to see the records within 45 days from receiving your request. The principal or Records Center Manager will make arrangements for access and notify the parent, guardian or eligible student of the time and place where records may be inspected.
    If you do not wish Atlanta Public Schools to disclose directory information you must notify Atlanta Public Schools by completing and returning the form on page 75 the Student Handbook by September 1st or within 10 days of your receipt of the Student Handbook.