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    Atlanta Public Schools ensures the “life-long achievement of every child through effective and innovative teaching that meets the needs of individual learners,” including those with disabilities. In accordance with the district’s mission, the Department of Special Education envisions a school system where all students, families, schools, and community members share the motivation, knowledge, and skills to work together to ensure that all children with disabilities are learning, progressing, and meeting high expectations (IDEA Partnerships, 2000).

    The Atlanta Public Schools' Department of Special Education offers a broad continuum of services for students three (3) through twenty-one (21) years of age. Following a comprehensive assessment that may include a psychological evaluation, educational testing, speech-language assessment, audiological testing and other assessments, a student may be eligible to receive services in one or more of the following categories. . . .
    Classes serving students with disabilities are located in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and psycho-educational centers (GNETS). Delivery models for instruction include a continuum of services:

    The Department of Special Education is required to provide a free, appropriate public education to eligible children in cooperation with parents and other agencies under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Each eligible student must have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), which is developed by a team composed of teachers and other qualified school personnel, parents or guardians and the student, when appropriate. The IEP is revised when necessary and reviewed at least annually.

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