Schools that address the best practices for implementing small learning environments are proven to deliver a more successful educational experience, which includes personalized attention and support that benefits teachers and students.  Additionally, research has shown that the added benefit of single gender schools proportionally increases student academic achievement, graduation rates, and produce a higher number of students attending college. In fact, research points to several key benefits of single gender schools versus traditional learning environments, including:


    ü      Positively impact student achievement in all subject areas and encourage students to have higher aspirations for post-secondary education and careers. 

    ü      Provide instructional programs that address the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of young boys and girls.

    ü      Establish high quality rigorous, instructional environments that are rich with tangible instructional materials and multimedia


                ü      100% of the studies on career aspirations of students found that students in single-gender schools set higher goals to attain.

                ü      Students were more likely to be enrolled in higher levels of math, science, and technology classes while attending single-gender                        schools.

                ü      Increase student retention by improving support among parents and community partners.