B.ES.T. Academy High School at Benjamin S. Carson has created a pathway to leadership designed to develop students prepared for the future. Leadership and a rigorous college preparatory program will be priority areas of focus. B.ES.T. and CSKYWLA have developed a two-pronged approach to leadership preparation by utilizing programs such as JROTC and Dance that allow for cross-matriculation in addition to forging strong community partnerships, which includes The 100 Black Men of Atlanta.  All elements of the curriculum development will be collaboration between teachers, parents, and community partners. B.E.S.T. Academy High School at Benjamin S. Carson will be very intentional in embedding leadership learning’s and experiences in the classroom that will prepare young women with the skills necessary to thrive in their post-secondary endeavors.


    Students will further benefit from additional leadership opportunities by participating in central campus activities between B.E.S.T and CSKYWLA high schools, including:


    ·        Sports and athletic teams

    ·        One marching band

    ·        One campus graduation ceremony

    ·        Central extra-curricular activities and academic social clubs