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    Atlanta Public Schools created this section to keep you updated on the status of our high schools’ accreditation with AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  
    Full accreditation was restored in November 2012. This information remains as an accounting of that process.

    November 5, 2012
    November 1, 2011
    September 12, 2011 

    May 2, 2011
    APS Board of Education submits SACS Interim Institution Progress Report
    Download Report
    March 25, 2011
    SACS Community Meeting
    On Monday, March 28, 2011, we invite the community to provide input on our SACS work. The community input portion of the meeting begins at 5 PM. If you would like to provide input, please arrive between 4 PM - 4:50 PM to register to speak.

    Important past accreditation dates
    On January 18, 2011, SACS placed the district’s accreditation of high schools on probation, pending the resolution by the Atlanta Board of Education of six Required Actions by September 30, 2011. APS high schools remain fully accredited, meaning that students are eligible to apply to colleges and universities of their choice and receive HOPE and other scholarships.  APS elementary and middle schools are not impacted.
    Six required actions
    In its report to the district, SACS outlined the following six action items that the Atlanta Board of Education must complete prior to the Sept. 30 deadline:

    1. Develop and implement a long-term plan to communicate with and engage stakeholders in the work of the district to achieve the Board’s mission for educating the students of Atlanta Public Schools (APS). The plan should focus on efforts that will regain stakeholders’ trust and confidence in the governance and leadership of Atlanta Public Schools.  (Download High-Level Action Plan1)

    2. Secure and actively use the services of a trained, impartial professional mediator who will work with the Board members to resolve communication, operational and personal issues impeding the effectiveness of the governing body.  (Download High-Level Action Plan2)

    3. Ensure that the actions and behavior of all board members are aligned with board policies, especially those related to ethics and chain of command, and AdvancED/SACS CASI Accreditation Standards and policies.  (Download High-Level Action Plan3)

    4. Review and refine policies to promote the processes that are needed to achieve the Board’s Mission in the education of the Atlanta Public School students. The board members shall provide evidence that they have refocused all of their energies on improving the teaching and learning processes for all their students.  (Download High-Level Action Plan4)

    5. Develop and implement a process for selecting a superintendent that is transparent during all phases, engages public participation, and demonstrates integrity throughout the process. It is strongly suggested that the final selection of the superintendent should be determined by more than a simple majority vote of approval by the Board.  (Download High-Level Action Plan5)

    6. Work directly with the State of Georgia to address the inconsistencies in the Atlanta Independent School System.  (Download High-Level Action Plan6)

    Next Steps
    • Board Statement: The Atlanta Board of Education released a statement regarding the SACS report and noted, “we can assure parents, students, staff and the public that nothing will stand in the way of us successfully addressing each and every one of the issues identified in the SACS report with immediate and long-term corrective actions and solutions."
      Board Statement: Download
      the Board's statement 
    • SACS presentation: AdvancED (SACS) CEO Dr. Mark Elgart presented his report during the Jan. 24 Board of Education meeting.
      SACS report: Download
      the report
      Frequently Asked Questions: Download
      the document
    • Weekly meetings: The Atlanta Board of Education will meet each Monday to address issues identified in the report.
      Meeting recaps: Click here to see summaries from each meeting and view meeting footage.
    • Project Management Framework: Dr. Alexis Kirijan, APS Chief Strategy Officer, presented a Project Management Framework to facilitate the Atlanta Board of Education as it addresses each action item.
      the presentation