Parks Middle School is special because...
    excellence is always the expectation.  Our school culture is one that fosters the spirit of learning.  Through high expectations, data-driven instruction, highly qualified teachers, and a special emphasis on real life experiences, Parks has set out to not only transform the students we serve, but to work through them to transform our community. 

    Parks' emphasis on excellence has created an environment that allows students to become accustomed to success.  From our data to extra-curricular activities, our students carry themselves with pride and confidence.  We promote the development and growth of the complete students.  Parks offers rigorous academic courses as well as experiences that increase their awareness of the world community.  Our students travel abroad and domestically to study and learn about issues that impact our lives.  These experiences give our students the perspective needed to participate in activities that transcends the traditional learning experience.

    Parks Middle School is equipped with 3 computer labs and a minimum of 8 student computers in each class.  Technology is integrated into every part of the learning.  All classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors and majority have Promethean interactive white boards. 

    We invite you to visit and become a part of a revolution in learning that is Parks Middle School.