August 1, 2014


    Dear Parents,


         Welcome to second grade and an exciting new school year.  We are thrilled to be teaching your children!  Please find attached a list of supplies your child will need.  At times during the year, we will request other supplies for activities in the classroom.  Notices will be sent in advance when we need those items.         


         Second grade is a time of blossoming independence.  As parents you can support this growth in two major areas:


    1.      Morning Routine:  Please say your goodbyes before your child gets to the classroom door. It is imperative that your child is unpacked and at their seat by 8:00. This allows children to shift their focus to the day ahead and gives teachers the opportunity to welcome students with their full attention. 


    2.   Homework:  Your child will receive a homework newsletter every Monday.  It will

    contain important information and assignments.  Your child must read every night, practice math facts, study spelling words, and complete other assignments that enhance the learning taking place in the classroom.  Please check your child’s assignments daily, but allow him or her to take responsibility for doing the work. 


    * Students are expected to complete and submit all homework by the due date.


    Grades will be based on formal and informal assessments, which may include observations, quizzes, tests, and projects.  Please recognize our need for assessment flexibility to ensure students’ mastery of the subject areas.  We follow the APS guidelines for grading. 


    All students are expected to follow school and classroom rules.  Please review the attached “Classroom Management Plan.”  In order to make this year as successful as possible for your child, we need to work together and establish mutual goals.  We will have a formal conference this fall to discuss your child individually.  For additional concerns, please contact your child’s teacher to make an appointment.   


    Please make sure your child is aware if you are sending a note to the teacher.  We will respond to emails at our earliest convenience.  For any same-day dismissal changes, you must contact the office.  This ensures your child’s safety.


    If you are interested in helping out in class, please fill out and return the attached parent helper sheet.  We will need your assistance throughout the school year.  Your support makes all the difference, and we are grateful.  We look forward to building a successful partnership with you over the school year!




    Second Grade Team


    Todd Kimball