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    The primary goal of Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is to ensure that all students receive a rigorous, quality education. In order to achieve this objective, the district must provide students with highly effective teachers and leaders, supported by targeted, research-based instructional models. Initiatives that matter most must be prioritized and implemented effectively. Teachers must be empowered to teach, and distractions that impose on their time to plan for their students must be eliminated.

    To ensure that students are prepared for success and to provide teachers and instructional leaders with the support they need to foster student success, APS has launched the Excellence Project. This project is a part of the district's overall plan, and it will be implemented with input from instructional leaders and feedback from the community. APS Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Karen Waldon is leading the effort, with critical strategic management support from Chief Strategy and Development Officer Alexis Kirijan and her strategy and development team. In addition, Bain & Company, a leading management consulting firm, will provide ongoing support to the district.

    The project is segmented into three phases:
    • Phase 1 - Situation Assessment (four months): Analyze student achievement, assess the effectiveness of current programs, and collect stakeholder input
    • Phase 2 - Roadmap (three months): Establish goals and measures, refine initiatives, and create alignment around our mission and action plan
    • Phase 3 - Plan to Mobilize (one month): Determine how to communicate the plan, assess execution risks, and align resources to implement the plan
    As the district moves through each phase of the project, APS team members and some outside consultants will meet with employees and stakeholders to get perspective on existing APS programs and initiatives. Employee and stakeholder input are critical to the success of the project.

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