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Absences due to Student Exposure or Positive COVID at GHES

Student Covid-Related Absence Procedures


At Garden Hills Elementary, we want students present each day. However, with COVID and other illnesses, as well as unexpected emergencies, we understand that a student may need to miss a day of school on occasion.

Absences for less than three days for NON-COVID illness:

  1. You are not required to notify teachers for a typical student absence, but we recommend sending an email or message via Seesaw as a courtesy. 
  2. Upon the return of your child, please send in an absence note so that we can code the absence appropriately. Please see the Atlanta Public Schools Board Policy regarding excused absences. Students can bring the note to the main office.
  3. Teachers will hold necessary makeup work for students when they return from their absence.  Students will have time to make up missed work without penalty as long as the absence is for an excused reason.
  4. Students absent for non- Covid related illness or other reasons will NOT have access to live instruction via Zoom.


Absences for school based COVID quarantine and designated close contacts:

  1. Any student who has to quarantine because of a school-based exposure will receive a note from the school and a call from the nurse/admin.  Arrangements will bemade for schol devices to go home with students during quarantines.
  2. During quarantine, 1st through 5th grade students will be able to access the grade level Google Quarantine Classrooms for assignments and Zoom tutorials with a grade level staff member twice per day at 7:45AM and 2:50PM.  Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes will post the Zoom and assignments on Seesaw.  
  3. We ask that students, who are quarantined but not symptomatic or ill, keep up with their schoolwork to the extent possible.
  4. In the event of a class quarantine, daily instruction will occur via Zoom according to normal school hours.. The schedule will mirror the in-person learning schedule to the extent possible. The teacher will communicate any adjustments to the schedule.
  5. During a class quarantine period, any student who does not log on (with a camera on if possible) to participate in live instruction is considered absent. 

Absences for COVID Positive Illness

  1. Parents will need to complete the APS COVID positive online form that the nurse and school will receive to give us critical information to plan your absence.  Student self-report form:
  2. The school will follow up and verify the COVID case with the parent.
  3. If a student is unable to complete work while sick with COVID, they will have additional time to make up work without penalty.


For any excused absences longer than three days, but not COVID related, please call the school social worker who will discuss the situation with you and create a plan. We are unable to accommodate unexcused long-term absences (vacations during the school year, etc). At this time, we will not provide Zoom access for these types of absences.


If you have any questions regarding student absences, please reach out to the school social worker or administrator.