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Supporting Gifted Students

We recognize the teachers, parents and families of the Atlanta Public School System are charged with the awesome responsibility of educating our young people in this fast paced and ever changing world.  Curriculum enrichment programs are vital, and must be meaningful in any educational system.  Though most curriculum materials are research based and are founded on sound theory, we believe it is the teacher, parent, families and students who make the difference and play critical roles of making the curriculum come alive in the classroom as well as while in a virtual setting.


Enrichment activities are used to expand and deepen student learning.  They are often interactive and are an authentic representation of the learners ability.   Enrichment activities enhance a student's educational experience by bringing new concepts to light or by employing old concepts in new ways and are fun for the student. They also support and extend core curriculum standards.  Enrichment activities allow participants to engage in real world experiences and applications.  Below is a brief synopsis of the enrichment programs that the Atlanta Public School System offers its students: 


Xanadu is a summer enrichment program offered to high achieving students in the metro Atlanta area.  For the past several years this program has been interacting in an array of academic and fine arts courses.  Xanadu is offered to high-achieving students in 1st - 12th grades.     

Student Travel is an important extension of our curriculum, Atlanta Public Schoos' Gifted and Talented Program recognizes the value in providing our students with educational travel opportunites.  As our students become citizens of a more competitive3 global society it is important that they are equipped with the skills needed to meet the demands.  Through domestic and international travel, students become global learners through authentic learning experiences fostering and understanding of other people, cultures, learning experiences fostering and understanging of other people, cultures, languages and technology.  As a part of a Gifted & Talanted Program, student travel has included Sapelo Island, off the southern coast of Georgia to experience the rich African Culture that has influenced the residents for generations, New York City and Washington, D.C. to meet U.S. Representatives and explore the architectural structures the city is recognized for.  International travel has included extraordinary places such as China, Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, Australia and New Zealand, where students had as opportunity to visit local families, sample native cuisine and tour worl renowned museums, churches and structures.  Giving students the opportunity to explore the world, "near and far" provides students with "real world" experiences, allowing them to develop a greater global awareness and international perspective.

The Georgia Governor's Honors Program (GHP) is a four-week summer residential instructional program designed to provide intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year. More than 2800 students from across the state  interview and audition over three weekends in January and February, and from those nominees approximaetly 700 finalists are chosen to participate in the program,  Since the program is fully funded by the Georgia General Assembly, there is no charge for students to attend.

During the four weeks of the program, students spend the morning in their major area of nomination, exploring topics not usually found in the regular high school classroom.  During the afternoons, students choose one of the other areas in which to study and thecurriculum in all areas is challenging and engaging.  Evenings are filled with seminars, activities, concerts, and performances.

Mr. Dale Lyles, former GHP director, said, "GHP is such a competitive program that even being nominated is an accomplishment.  I congratulate the students of Atlanta Public Schools and look forward to meeting them and their parents at the interviews."  He added that many if not most of GHP's past participants regard it as one of their most life-changing experiences. 

MIDDLE SCHOOL ACADEMIC BOWL                                                                                         November 6, 2019

Annually, Atlanta Public Schools participates as a part of the PAGE (Professional Association of Georgia Educators) Middle School Academic Bowl series.  The district holds a local bowl, the top six teams proceed to the regional bowl, and top scoring teams from the regional bowls compete against teams from all over the State of Georgia.  Visit for more information from PAGE about the bowl.

Academic Bowl impacts students by creating good work/study habits, it broadens ones horizons of factual information, develops poise and confidence in students presenting themselves to the public, develops teamwork and good citizenship qualities, and instills an appreciation for the pursuit of knowledge.

2019 Statistics

Participating Schools                                                                                    





John Lewis


Long Sutton



6 Teams Progressing to Regionals

  1. Inman MS
  2. Sutton MS
  3. Long
  4. CSK
  5. Centennial Academy
  6. King MS

Participating High School Volunteers                                                                            

In order to offer a successful bowl, the event requires readers who read the questions in each round.  Timekeepers who monitor the time of toss-up questions and bonuses.  And, judges who manage the competing teams during each round.  This year high school students of various organizations served as AMAZING volunteers for the bowl.


Fredrick Douglass high School

Maynard Jackson High School

North Atlanta High School



The Academic Decathalon, provides students of all learning levels the opportunity to excel academically through team competition and are tested in 10 categories: Art, Science, Economics, Essay, Interview, Language, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Social Science and Speech.


Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarden through college.  Team members apply their relativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics.  They the bring their solutions to competition on the local, state and World level.  Thousands of teams throughout the U.S. and from about 25 other countries participate in the program. 


Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG), is a 3-week Residential, Commuter and Day Programs for gifted students ages 4-7.  For more than a century, SIG has offered challenging programs for gifted students, providing a diverse curriculum blended with creative and fun summer camp recreation.  Students accomplish meaningful goals with other gifted students at prominent universities and schools nationwide including, Princeton University, Dartmouth College and Yale University.


Street Law Inc., has partnered with Coca-Cola as a non-profit organization that provides support to law schools and a wide variety of other groups and individuals who educate the public about the law.  The mission of the Street Laws’ program – is to provide practical and participatory education about the law, democracy, and human rights – is best fulfilled by community members teaching each other, and learning from each other, about the laws and democratic process of our country.  Street Law writes curricula and textbooks about the law geared toward young people, and provides training to lawyers, law students, teachers, and others who want to educate themselves about the law.  


The Stock Market Game™ is one tool that meets enrichment requirements in an innovative yet time tested way.  Since 1977, the program has given educators a way to improve the learning experience in thousands of classrooms.  Teachers have successfully used The Stock Market Game™ program to enliven core academic subjects — including Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts — research has shown that there is no better way to learn the importance of saving and investing.


Duke TIP's 4th/5th Grade Talent Search is the first chance for families of qualified students to participate in one of our talent searches and to gain access to other programs within Duke TIP. Eligibility for enrollment is an honor and indicates outstanding intellectual ability.  Participation in the 4th/5th Grade Talent Search provides students with exciting, stimulating and challenging opportunities through online lessons, publications, contests, the Duke TIP Book Club and an optional above-level testing experience, the EXPLORE.Talent Search participants will receive information on Duke TIP's wide range of educational programs with need-based scholarship opportunities, including Scholar Weekends (in some states). Exceptional performance on the ACT or SAT will qualify some students for Duke TIP's renowned Summer Studies Programs (intensive three-week sessions on college campus. 


Duke TIP's 7th Grade Talent Search is the largest program of its kind in the nation. Since its inception in 1980, over 2 million students have participated. The 7th Grade Talent Search identifies academically talented seventh grader students based on standardized test scores achieved while attending elementary or middle school. Candidates are invited to take the ACT or the SAT college entrance exam as seventh graders, which allows them greater insight into their academic abilities. Participants also gain valuable benefits and have access to unique resources for gifted students.  


Stanford's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)  is an ongoing research project at Stanford University dedicated to developing computer-based multi-media courses in Mathematics, Physics, English, Computer Programming and other subjects.  EPGY makes these privately available to students of high ability, ad offers courses suitable for students of all ability levels.  Stanford University Pre-Collegiate

Stanford Summer College Academy and Stanford Summer Humanities Institute