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Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School 

A student has demonstrated he/she is a worthy member of the D.M. Therrell High School community by maintaining Good Standing through:

Attendance and Punctuality- Regular and punctual attendance at school.
Exceptions include school sanctioned functions or sickness covered by a doctor’s certificate or valid explanation from a parent
A student misses six periods of instruction time in one subject during one term without a valid explanation (truancy), or
- Accumulates the equivalent of two days without a medical certificate or valid parent explanation, in each term.
- Completion of all course requirements in accordance with subject outlines;
Satisfactory Academic Progress- Completion of all requirements of their study program.
- Submission of all homework, assignments and coursework
- Working cooperatively with teachers and others
- Working at a level which reflects the ability of the student
- Taking pride in the presentation of work

Acceptable Standards of Dress- Student dress is expected to meet the standard as described by the D.M. Therrell High School Dress Code.
- Satisfactory behavior by adhering to the standards of the school’s code of behavior and meeting the requirements of the school’s dress code.

Note:  This list is not exhaustive.