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September Newsletter

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Hope-Hill Happenings

September Newsletter 2023



  • Mon., September 4 Labor Day Holiday - NO SCHOOL 
  • Thu., September 7 Progress Reports 
  • Fri., September 8 Grandparents’ Day Must submit form to participate. 
  • Wed., September 13 7:00 PM - Virtual PTA Meeting (Zoom) 
  • Thu., September 14 Midtown Cluster Night at Midtown HS Football Game 7:30 PM - Kickoff; Cluster Choruses will perform before game (approx. 6:45-7:00 PM) 
  • Tue., September 26 Picture Day - Individual Portraits will be taken 
  • Wed., September 27 5th Grade Field Trip to Atlanta Symphony Orchestra @ Rialto Theater 
  • Fri., September 29 PTA Screen on the Green at Howard MS field


Principal’s Report

Greetings HHES Eagles, Wow! Can you believe we have four weeks under our belts?! I am so excited to learn more and more about our wonderful school. A quote of the month for me is a parent saying: “Hope-Hill is a hidden gem.” That statement really summarizes this past month for me. I am learning more about our dedicated teachers, our passionate parents and our enthusiastic students. In the coming years, I eagerly look forward to the great things we will and can accomplish as a school community. This year, I am in the learning and gathering information phase that will guide my decision making for our next steps. Ms. Wheeler has laid a great foundation and now we are able to ignite HOPE and SOAR to the next level. For the month of September, our counselor will focus on nutrition. He will go to each class to discuss how what we eat influences our body and minds. There may be some general student discussions, which may lead into what students consume on a regular basis. His main purpose is information. As part of this initiative we are asking parents to pack personal snacks for their children (we encourage healthy options). Due to various kinds of allergies both unknown and known, students are asked NOT to share snacks, so please limit large containers of food. Starting September 11th, we are adjusting our afternoon pickup. We will phase in the process to start doing all drop-offs and pick-ups in the school’s back parking lot. This is the same location for AM drop-offs and rainy day dismissals. The next phase is to give parents pick-up numbers for each family. Based on our success we may advance to an electronic system. We appreciate your patience and support in keeping our school dismissal safe and organized. Thank you for all your support on a daily basis. Sincerely, Keisha Gibbons, Principal


Student of the Month


Swan - Jimi Devy 

Trahan - Zoe Uwaezuoke 



Bennett - Avry Ors-Smith 

Killebrew - Sofia Devey 

Riley - Dallas Robertson 

Smith - Quinson Taylor 


1st Grade 

Anderson - Vivian Ross 

Carter - Mikylah Callaway 

Turner - Cassia Dee 


2nd Grade 

Fries - Jeremy Maganda Ramirez 

Harper - Lyndsie Moss 

Randall - Montserrat Rodriguez-Solis 

Williams - Arman Wright


3rd Grade 

Ellis - Sunny Rellergert 

Holmes - Paris Manning 

Taylor - Zara Motta 


4th Grade 

Callender - Maddy Warner 

Hamilton - Jourdyn Lacend 

Ruggs - Kamyron Williams 


5th Grade 

Campbell - Zameriah Washington 

Currie - Victory Campbell 

Dodson - Myriah Reese 

Walker - Ja’kari Goolsby



CPR - We had ten additional staff members recently complete CPR training. We now have CPR-trained staff sprinkled throughout the building and ready for a cardiac emergency, should one arise.

SAVE THE MUSIC - Our music teacher, Ms. Kingston, has been awarded a grant from the Save the Music Foundation. This award has provided Hope-Hill with over $22,000 worth of new musical instruments, including ukuleles, drums, recorders, xylophones, metallophones, boom whackers, a piano, a guitar, and more!



Hope-Hill Elementary Foundation

We are looking for volunteers to join our O4W5K committee! The O4W5K is the Hope-Hill Foundation's largest annual fundraiser. We meet over zoom for short meetings. We have the following subcommittees: Logistics, Marketing, Sponsorship, and Kids Run. Please contact if you are interested in finding out more.


Counselor’s Corner

Our Social Emotional Learning lessons for September are: WEEK 6 Self Care in the Classroom; WEEK 7 Strengthen Self-Awareness with Individuality; WEEK 8 Individuality and Positive Self Concept; WEEK 9 Identity and Culture. The SEL Book of the Month is My Mind is a Mountain, written by Cindy Montenegro. This month's Classroom Counseling Lesson is about Nutrition.


Media Center Minutes 

Welcome to the Eagles Nest! For the month of September, all the students are learning the difference between fiction and nonfiction genres. Please encourage your child to check out a fiction and non-fiction book.

Prek-K: Eagles are learning how to determine the role of an author and illustrator, and learning how to use illustrations to understand the events in a story.

1st- 3rd grade- Eagles are identifying the most important events from the beginning, middle and end of the story. These story elements will help the reader understand how organization, sequence, and plot make a good day!

4th grade- Eagles are analyzing the five elements of a plot, which are exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. These elements will give them a deeper understand of the storyline.



With school in full swing for two months now, both at home and in the classroom, math continues to play a big part in our everyday lives. Think about how your scholar uses math in school: solving addition and subtraction problems, learning about shapes and patterns, and even measuring things in science experiments. But the math fun doesn't stop there! At home, you and your scholar can use math while cooking with your family—measuring ingredients, setting timers, and understanding fractions. You and your scholar can also track the days on a calendar to see how many school days they've completed and how many are left. Whether you're at school or at home, math is like a secret code that helps us make sense of the world around you and your scholar and have lots of fun along the way!



September is one our favorite months at Hope-Hill because it’s filled with so many literary holidays. How will you celebrate each one with your family? Be sure to ask your child what they did to celebrate this literacy this month. Sept 6: National Read a Book Day Sept 7: Buy a Book Day Sept 8: International Literacy Day | National Ampersand Day Sept 11: Libraries Remember Day Sept 13: Roald Dahl Day Sept 18: Read an Ebook Day Sept 18-24: National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week Sept 22: Dear Diary Day




The school year is off to a great start!   All of our students have been participating in engineering design challenges.  We are also working on adding the arts in STE(A)M.  Lastly, we have selected 30 STEAM ambassadors from grades Kindergarten through 5th.  These students will be helping with the design of the new playground.  We are so excited for this new school year and all the great STEAM projects that will be conducted @Hope-Hill.



We have a virtual PTA Meeting Wednesday, September 13, at 7:00 PM. Please plan to attend. Look for a Zoom link to be shared via Class Dojo or other teacher communication. Our annual Screen on the Green will take place Friday, September 29, on the field at Howard Middle School. Save the date--you don’t want to miss it! Details will be announced closer to the event. STAY TUNED for September Dine-Out! Details to come.