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Cluster Family / Community Training

The APS Division of Academics will host a series of cluster training meetings Sept. 16 - Oct. 26. All meetings will be held from 5:15 to 6:45.

Midtown Cluster Meeting: Tuesday, Oct. 12


These meetings are designed to inform you about the Universal Screeners (academic and mental health / behavior) and Intervention Block. During these meetings, you will learn what the assessments are, what reports you can expect to receive, and how you can support your student based on data gleaned from the reports. 

The trainings will also cover Securly. With the Securly parent portal and the Securly Home app, parents can now get the same peace of mind when school devices come home. Securly enables parents to see their child's online activity in real-time and catch up with weekly email snapshots.

Cluster Family / Community Training - Universal Screening + Intervention Block