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On Wednesday 4/1, Thursday 4/2 and Friday 4/3, Mary Lin will offer extended registration for those parents who were unable to make the previous registration window and for those parents who work.
The hours for the dates listed above will be from 10:30-6:00. We are working to have a notary on site, but it may be best to have your affidavit statement notarized ahead of time. Here are the titles of the documents you need to bring. These documents can be found on the Atlanta Public School District's website. Thanks for your patience and I hope these extended hours are helpful.
Dr. Mitchell
1. census form
2. notarized affidavit of residency
3. mortgage or deed or lease/rental agreement
4. utility bill AND two additional supporting documents with same address
5 picture ID
 Preferably, packaged in this order.
Brian D. Mitchell, Ed.D.