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The yearbook is available online only and can be purchased HERE.  The current price is $35.00 (plus optional add on/personalization options).

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Mary Lin Elementary Digital Student Portraits

This year Mary Lin will be participating in digital portraits sponsored by Jostens, our yearbook partner. Digital portraits will give your student a chance to let their personality shine through and be involved in their own portrait by helping to choose the setting or back drop, clothing, hair styles, etc., and will make it a really fun experience for them.

The upload process is quick and easy, but there are a couple of important details to know before getting set up!


Check your inboxes today for an email from with instructions for submitting student portraits. This email will be sent to the email address that must be used to register on YBK+ as there is only one email account tied to your child’s name. This email contains the link to YBK+, instructions for logging in and uploading your child’s photo. Please make sure to check any and all possible email addresses that may be associated with your child’s school file. If, after checking all possible emails, you do not receive an, please send an email to (see below for the details needed to assist you with your request).

Do you have a child at Grady High too? If so, please read this paragraph. Parents of a Mary Lin Student who also have a child that attends Grady High School may not be able to use the YBK+ platform. If you receive your login instructions but are unable to upload your child’s portrait, please email letting us know you have a child at Grady and need assistance (see below for the details needed to assist you with your request).

Are you a Teacher or Staff Member? If you are a teacher or staff member and you are either new to Mary Lin or want to have a more current photo uploaded for your personal portrait, please send an email to and we will send you alternate instructions for a digital portrait upload, as currently the YBK+ platform is only available to students.

DEADLINE: All digital portraits must be submitted no later than Monday, March 15th!

The yearbook committee will be reviewing all portraits to make sure they are in the correct format, fit the allotted space, and are appropriate for the yearbook. If for any reason your photo is unable to be used, you will receive an email rejecting the photo and you will then have the opportunity to upload another portrait. The yearbook committee will work diligently to ensure all students, teachers and staff’s portraits are included in this year’s yearbook.

If you are needing assistance with YBK+ access, have a child at Grady High, or just have  general questions regarding portraits, please email Your request must contain your child’s full name, all parents’ names, child’s grade, and home room teacher’s name. For security purposes, this email also needs to come from an email address that can be verified with the school’s database, such as the email where you receive the Rocket Blast or class communications. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

We want to thank you all for your flexibility and patience as we work through this ever-changing environment.

All our best,

The Mary Lin Yearbook Committee