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Care Room & School Clinic Procedures


  • If symptomatic, staff/student should be placed in a controlled, single-person room with the door closed. They should have access to a dedicated restroom.
  • Anyone entering designated rooms must use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • All individuals names must be logged including symptoms and reason for isolation
  • Parents or guardians of a symptomatic student are to be notified immediately of their child’s status and will  be asked to remove the student from campus. All student information must be logged in Infinite Campus.
  • As a measure to limit exposure and conserve PPE, SPARK will designate Care rooms with ventilation systems that operate properly and increase circulation of outdoor air within the facility to hold known and suspected staff/student cases separately, if possible. The room will be near outside access doors for retrieval of staff/students without contaminating additional school areas. 
    • Staff/students with a highly infectious communicable disease will not be held in the same room as someone who is showing signs of respiratory infection but is undiagnosed.

During times of respiratory concerns, SPARK will have the  Care room designee remove only their gloves and gowns (if used), and perform proper hand hygiene between visits with people who have the same diagnosis (e.g., confirmed communicable disease). We will consider extended use of eye protection, face-shields, respirators or facemasks, as the risk of transmission from this type of equipment during extended use is expected to be very low.

The school nurse or trained designee must take care not to touch their eye protection and facemask. Eye protection and facemask should be removed. Hand hygiene should be performed if they become damaged or in contact with bodily fluid and when leaving the Care rooms.

  •  The school nurse or trained designee should strictly follow basic infection control practices between staff/students (e.g., hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting shared equipment).

Affected staff/students are required to wear a facemask to contain secretions while in isolation. A face shield will be provided as an additional protective measure.

Once staff/student has vacated the room, the room will be ventilated well before entering and cleaning. Rooms should be cleaned as recommended per CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfecting school settings.

Consideration for the SPARK Main Campu and K Center “Care” rooms

  • Designated room or area near outdoor access.
  • Post signage outside door indicating the space is an Care Room/AREA and PPE (N-95mask, gloves, gowns, face shield) is required by staff prior to entering.
  • Ensure adequate room ventilation that operates and increase flow of outdoor air. No carpet.
  • Remove all non-essential furniture and ensure that remaining furniture is easy to clean.
  • Set up a communication method (walkie-talkie, phone, etc.) in the isolation room to reduce the number of times the room is entered/exited; and PPE must be worn.
  • Stock the sink area with soap and paper towels.
  • Access to dedicated bathroom.
  • Have hand sanitizer readily available – near the direct care area and the room door.
  • Place an appropriate container with a lid outside the door for equipment/PPE that requires disinfection, sterilization or discarding.
  • Ensure minimal patient belongings in the area. Keep patient care supplies – tissue, drinking water, cups, wipes, etc. – within easy reach for the patient.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect patient-care equipment and furniture between patients.
  • Use a cart or cabinet outside the isolation room to stock PPE and other supplies that will be used in the room.
  •  Keep equipment and supplies required for cleaning or disinfecting inside the isolation room and perform a daily deep clean of the isolation room.

School Clinic Procedure

  • Students must be escorted to the school health office by a staff member (school staff or health department staff).
  • The nurse will assess the child and provide care, and will send the student back to the class or dismiss the student. If the student needs to be picked up, the student will be escorted outside rather than the parent entering the building to pick them up.