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Difficult to Clean Classroom Materials

Educators and custodians will do their best to provide high hygiene standards outlined in these protocols. However, it is recognized that in a classroom, many times, multiple hands will touch one item. We will do our best to limit objects that require or allow multiple hands on them and are requested to wipe down any materials that have to be in the room on a frequent basis. Going further, wherever possible, non-educational items that are touched frequently by multiple hands and cannot be wiped clean will be removed from the classroom. 

  • Classroom libraries and shelving may be turned towards the wall
  • All items that are considered “share-able” items will be removed or placed in teacher closets

Administration will work with teachers on specific procedures to allow for safe rest time in their classrooms, including more frequent cleaning of classroom floors and ensuring items in cubbies do not touch items belonging to other students. 

It is highly encouraged that students do NOT leave any personal belongings at school.  Students will be expected to take home all items at the end of each day.