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Avoiding Clusters and Groupings

Schools will establish procedures for reducing the opportunity for clusters of students to form, including establishing hallway traffic patterns, minimizing or eliminating locker use, and managing entry into the building. Students arriving on school buses will enter the building with their own bus bubble and, whenever possible, other bus bubbles will be monitored to enter with a time-delay in order to reduce hallway mixing. SPARK will consider using multiple entrances to help with spacing, when possible.


As buses arrive to SPARK, they will be unloaded one bus at a time.  Students will enter their grade level door and follow the pathway arrows to their classroom.  Every attempt will be made to keep students 6ft apart at all times. 

1st Grade Entrance - Turf Patio Doorway

2nd Grade Entrance - Cafeteria Doorway

3rd Grade Entrance - Cafeteria Back Doorway

4th Grade Entrance – Briarcliff Back Entrance (Next to Tulloch’s Classroom)

5th Grade Entrance – Gym Side Entrance

Students will go directly to their classroom.  

All classrooms will be assigned a specific bathroom and assigned times for bathroom breaks.  This will reduce the amount of potential contact tracing within the school. 


Students will exit via the same door they entered.  Grade levels will be dismissed at different times to ensure that grouping/clustering does not occur. Dismissal will be called out specifically for students who are walkers, car riders, bus riders, afterschool day care, and afterschool van riders.