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SPARK and Atlanta Public Schools are committed to providing our parents with the most up to date information possible.  

(Cases Reported by Board of Health): First and foremost, COVID-19 is a reportable disease and confirmed cases are reported by the laboratory or health care provider to the local board of health. Atlanta Public Schools (APS) maintains communication with local boards of health for surveillance and tracking of self-reported cases. Cases reported by the board of health are managed by the local entity and communication is provided by the individual parties.

(Cases Reported by Parents or Staff): APS’ Comprehensive Health Services department also monitors and maintains self-reported COVID-19 cases. If a student or staff person tests positive and it is reported to school administrators, the information is shared with HR and health services for case investigation (which includes tracking and tracing) in collaboration with local boards of health. Once a case has been identified, parents are contacted within the same day if possible (not to exceed a period of 24 hours) to inform them of potential exposures. Written communication is sent per our procedures for notification that include the date of exposure, length of quarantine period and public health resources.

Contact tracing will be implemented based on GA DPH and local Boards of Health Guidelines(Fulton and Dekalb) for reportable diseases. 


Town Halls 

SPARK will conduct town halls to inform parents of changes in protocol, etc. 



Updates will continue to be given via the SPARKe, Teacher emails, school robocalls and SPARK website. 



Surveys may be utilized to gather community input/feedback on events that may occur at SPARK throughout the year. 


Parents Communicating with Homeroom Teachers and School

Parents should always inform teachers of student absences, vacation days, etc.  Other requests will be considered on a case by case basis.