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Ongoing Education for Adults

All adults must work together as partners to ensure the safety of the school community. To support understanding and awareness of health guidelines and requirements, Springdale Park will communicate and provide reminders about the following:

  • Weekly reminders about morning health checks that include how to obtain testing and who to notify if they answer yes to any questions.
  • What to do if you have symptoms, have potentially been exposed, or test positive for COVID-19 
  • Medical conditions that place individuals at higher risk should they be exposed to COVID-19
  • Mask requirements, including sending at least one backup mask to school with the student, along with a Ziploc bag in case the mask needs to be changed during the day; as well as instructions for proper mask wearing technique.
  • Hand-washing technique 
  • Cough/sneeze etiquette 
  • Flu vaccine information (with Department of Public Health)
  • Importance of updated parent/caregiver contact information 
  • School-specific procedures