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District ACT/SAT School Days


Many colleges and universities require qualifying scores on an entrance exam as part of the admissions process and the SAT &

ACT are the two most common entrance exams accepted.


APS encourages all Juniors to take both assessments because each assessment has a unique approach to the test format,

content area covered, and question design. The ACT and SAT provide students with a detailed score report they can use to

determine which exam focuses more on their strengths.



Once scores are available, students and Counselors will receive access via

the ACT or College Board portal.

Results are then used to:

• predict college readiness

• identify areas of improvement for future administrations

• inform instructional planning, and

• determine match and fit for college access and scholarship availability



All students can benefit from taking the ACT and SAT. Scoring within the college readiness ranges can increase opportunities for

admissions, scholarships, NCAA eligibility, and remedial course exemption.

Nationwide, school districts that participate in ACT and SAT School Day report additional benefits to students such as:

• eliminating barriers to weekend tests including transportation, cost, and scheduling conflicts

• identifying areas of improvement for test preparation

• increasing confidence and comfort by allowing students to test in a familiar setting with people they know

• developing a college going culture for the whole school instead of a select group of students who choose to take these

assessments on their own



The highest score you can earn on ACT is a 36. The National Benchmarks are set for each subject area of the test: English (18),

Mathematics (22), Reading (22), Science (23), STEM (26), and ELA (20)


For the SAT, the highest score you can earn on the Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math portions is 800 per section. The

National Benchmarks are set separately at 480 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and 530 for Math


Competitive colleges and universities often require scores above the national readiness benchmarks.




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