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Student Spotlight: Zoe Green


As a kindergartener, Zoe is a star student at Whitefoord Elementary for her impressive reading skills, creativity, leadership, and strong focus in school. Zoe is a talented reader, and already reads on a second grade level. She is comfortable with reading the books out loud, and reads as often as she can. She loves to read about frogs and toads, because they are her “favorite things,” and enjoys making the sounds they make. “I like when they ribbit, and I learned that they make a lot of noise, and they teach me how to be a good friend,” Zoe says.

Zoe’s other talent is creating writing. She writes stories about herself in different situations with her vivid imagination. “Once I wrote a story where I was a worker at Macy’s and Dollar General,” Zoe says.

Zoe displays leadership at her school, by helping other students around her and always finishes her schoolwork on time. She hopes to become a doctor when she grows up like her mother.

“She’s one of my eager readers, and reads many books about frogs and toads,” says Mileeka Frank, Media Specialist at Whitefoord. “She is also loves Dr.Seuss books, and is an all-around great leader in school, even as a kindergartener.”