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Coffee Talk with Principal Harness


Join Mr. Harness as he discusses all things VHE and answers all of your questions!  Coffee Talk will happen in the VHE Auditorium beginning at 8am.  We ask that parents enter through the Auditorium entrance at the corner of Virginia Avenue & Park!  

January 18th - Topics - Accreditation, MAP Data Fall to Winter, Projections & Budget Priorities for the 24.25 school year, Other topics VHE

February 8th - Topics - Readers are Leaders (Science of Reading District Initiative; VHE Budget for the 24.25 school year

Feedback - Would you rather have future coffee talks face-to-face or virtually?  Let Mr. Harness know your preferences as we continue to plan moving forward!  Use the link to access the survey. 


February 8th

March 14th

April 11th 

May 9th